About the Pilot

Bryan Cherry is a commercial UAS operator under FAA section 333 Exemption number 11405, with amendments 11405A, 11405B and 11405C as well as a 14 CFR part 107 Remote Pilot in command certificate with a small UAS rating and a night time waiver. He has consulted and written section 333 exemption applications for numerous clients and instructs a course on licensure examination preparation for the remote pilot in command exam. He is the operations director of an aerial imaging and data company that specializes in utilizing small unmanned aircraft to capture imagery and aerial data for photography and videography for mapping, 3d modeling, measuring, site documentation, insurance, inspection and construction clients ranging from fortune 500 corporations to individuals. With over 25 years experience in manned aviation, 22 of those flying professionally and 30 years experience with remotely piloted aircraft, he is currently employed a professional pilot and airline safety analyst. He also holds an Air Transport Pilot certificate with type ratings in the B757 & B767 and serves as a flight operations quality assurance data analyst in the flight safety department of a major airline. He is a veteran, a former F/A­-18 fighter pilot and has served as a standards and instrument check pilot. As an undergraduate at the University of Alabama, Bryan worked in the unmanned aircraft laboratory building, testing and flying UAVs for the University’s Department of Aerospace Engineering. Additionally, Bryan has performed work at the UAV lab at Georgia Tech Research institute in Atlanta, Georgia and has acted as team pilot for the Lockheed Martin/Society of Automotive Engineers small unmanned aircraft collegiate design competition.


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